Gemscool Dragon Nest Online Indonesia

Gemscool Dragon Nest Online Indonesia is a games that have navigational skills using a combo with WASD and mouse , with the usual controls you use for other FPS games , this way allows that player to move to a more agile and faster shifting point of view. all the movement in this game is made with respect to the kinds of factors such as the movement of the character , reactions on monsters and some interaction with the environment around him , sihingga player can fully utilize to do some dynamic combo attacks to the enemy monsters by using a tool such as Mouse and Keyboard .

Gemscool Dragon Nest Online

 General information  To give a different color to all the players in addition to repeating the battle and dungeon even without a clear purpose , then of iti Dragon Nest gives some background of the story is really solid which is realized by following the Main / Side Quest . Special events is equipped with a video to maximize the role of the player , so it makes them wonder what will happen in the next dragonnest and motivate them to continue the Quest . Dragon Nest